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America’s Foster Care Children and the Opioid Epidemic

Foster Care Numbers, Opioid Addiction on the Rise The number of children in foster care is steadily increasing in America. The American Psychological Association reported a 10% of a national increase in children admitted to foster care between 2013 to 2016. This indicated worrisome trends directly related to neglect via drug abuse by a parent. … Continued


Purdue Pharma to Pay $270 Million in Settlement of Oklahoma Opioid Lawsuit

The Outcome of the Historic Oklahoma vs. Purdue Pharma Lawsuit Purdue Pharma, the makers of Oxycontin®, has agreed to pay $270 million to settle the lawsuit that was brought forth by the state of Oklahoma’s attorney general, Mike Hunter, in 2017. Hunter accused Purdue and the Sackler family of aggressively marketing the Opioid painkiller and fueling a … Continued


Rampant Addiction, Sex Trafficking in Ohio (Pill Mill) Town

Addiction and Sex Trafficking Reports in Portsmouth Attract National Attention In a town of less than 18,000 people along the Ohio River, rumors of corrupt local officials heading a sex trafficking organization were public knowledge for years. That is, until an 80-page federal affidavit for a wiretap was filed by the Drug Enforcement Administration in … Continued


Woman Suing U.S. Prisons to Allow Addiction Treatment

Inmates Banned from Receiving Addiction Treatment Stephanie DiPierro was sentenced to a federal prison after pleading guilty last fall to theft of public funds. DiPierro, 38, has been receiving daily doses of Methadone from a clinic since 2005. Now that she is heading to prison and will be unable to continue her scheduled addiction treatment, … Continued


Pennsylvania Court Overrun by Stalled Opioid Litigation

Multiple Lawsuits Against Pharmaceutical Companies Converge in One County Currently, there are hundreds of cases around the country accusing companies that manufactured prescription Opioids of false advertisement and downplaying the risk of addiction, subsequently causing the country’s Opioid Crisis. In 2017, Delaware County became the first county in Pennsylvania to file a claim against, and … Continued


Kansas Doctor Sentenced to Life in Prison for Patient’s Opioid-Related Death

Cash-for-Pills Doctor Gets Life in Prison Kansas physician, Dr. Steven R. Henson, was sentenced to life in federal prison this past Friday due to his involvement in the distribution of prescription Opioids that resulted in the death of one of his patients in 2015. The sentence was handed down in Wichita Federal Court by District … Continued


Opium-Addicted Parrots Raid Poppy Farms in India

Opium Raids Parrots across India have been raiding medicinal poppy fields dozens of times each day. The large group of birds have become such a problem that they’ve caused a decline in poppy production for farmers. Madhya Pradesh, a district in India that is home to a large portion of the country’s poppy fields, has … Continued


34 Ohio Patients Dead After Doctor Over-Prescribes Fentanyl

Doctor Over-Prescribes Fentanyl to at least 34 Now Dead Patients At least 8 wrongful death suits have been filed against an Ohio hospital and doctor following mounting evidence that they over-prescribed Fentanyl (a synthetic Opioid up to 100 times more potent than Morphine). At least 34 patients (men and women ranging in age from 39 … Continued


Family Behind OxyContin Accused of Engineering Opioid Crisis

Massachusetts Targets The Family Behind OxyContin Massachusetts attorney general, Maura Healy, is targeting eight members of the Sackler family and their company Purdue Pharma in an upcoming lawsuit, as she claims that they are “personally responsible” for inciting the nation’s Opioid Crisis. The Sacklers and other members of Purdue Pharma have been accused of profiting … Continued