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Four Opioid Companies Avoid Federal Trial in Cleveland With $260 Million Settlement

With Lawsuits Settled, the Opioid Trial in Cleveland Will Not Proceed The litigation timeline for over 2,600 lawsuits against Opioid manufacturers and distributors was scheduled to culminate in a federal trial in Cleveland, Ohio on October 21. However, four of the defendants reached a settlement with Summit County and Cuyahoga County, the two plaintiffs, on the … Continued


A Doctor and Nurse in Alaska Face Federal Charges for Overprescribing Opioids

Two Medical Professionals Arrested and Charged for Illegal Opioid Distribution in Alaska On October 9, the United States Attorney for the District of Alaska announced charges against a doctor and a nurse for irresponsibly and unnecessarily prescribing hundreds of thousands of Opioid painkillers. The doctor and the nurse managed separate medical practices and never collaborated … Continued

A Tasmanian Fungus May Be the Future of Opioid-Free Painkillers

A Potential Opioid Alternative from an Unexpected Source Right now, Opioids are the most effective medications for treating pain, yet they pose significant risks for overdose and addiction. Since prescriptions for Opioid painkillers have caused an epidemic in overdoses during the past twenty years, with over 400,000 lost lives in the United States alone, researchers all across … Continued

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The Increasing Frequency of Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders

How Common Are Co-Occurring Disorders? Individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders are presenting in increasing numbers in a variety of treatment settings. Why is that? The increase can be traced by several reasons; first, there is an increase awareness of co-occurring disorders in addiction treatment. To some extent new information and a … Continued

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The Brain and Body Connection

What Is the Brain and Body Connection? The brain and body connection is like in marriage, “in sickness and in health.” The brain doesn’t get sick without involving the body, and the body doesn’t become ill without affecting the brain. A person can’t effectively work a recovery program on just one, the brain or the … Continued


Access to Naloxone & Reducing Stigma Vital to Saving Lives

Study Shows Naloxone Availability Vital to Saving Lives In the nation’s capital, emergency room visits involving a suspected Heroin overdose fell by 67.5% between 2017 and 2018. Alongside the District of Columbia, ten states (a majority on the eastern half of the US) saw declines in their Heroin-related ER visits. These encouraging numbers come as … Continued