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Woman Suing U.S. Prisons to Allow Addiction Treatment

Inmates Banned from Receiving Addiction Treatment Stephanie DiPierro was sentenced to a federal prison after pleading guilty last fall to theft of public funds. DiPierro, 38, has been receiving daily doses of Methadone from a clinic since 2005. Now that she is heading to prison and will be unable to continue her scheduled addiction treatment, … Continued


Pennsylvania Court Overrun by Stalled Opioid Litigation

Multiple Lawsuits Against Pharmaceutical Companies Converge in One County Currently, there are hundreds of cases around the country accusing companies that manufactured prescription Opioids of false advertisement and downplaying the risk of addiction, subsequently causing the country’s Opioid Crisis. In 2017, Delaware County became the first county in Pennsylvania to file a claim against, and … Continued


New App Tracks and Helps Manage Opioid Dependency

App Tracks Buprenorphine Doses to Manage Opioid Withdrawal The Opioid Epidemic remains a common concern for Americans for several reasons. The first: more than 115 Americans die of an Opioid-related overdose per day. A second, ongoing concern is the role pharmaceutical drugs still play in the Opioid crisis. Many of the individuals suffering from Opioid addiction have … Continued

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Are Purdue Drug Reps the Real Perpetrators of the Opioid Crisis?

The Deceptive Marketing of OxyContin by Purdue Pharmaceuticals The start of the American Opioid Epidemic can be traced back to the early 1990s and Purdue Pharmaceutical’s influence over the prescription of Opioid medications. During that time, pain specialists in the United States began to argue that the nation faced an epidemic of untreated chronic pain. … Continued


5 Signs Your Teen Is Using Opioids and 5 Factors that Put Them at Risk

How to Recognize Signs Your Teen Is Using Opioids Historically low rates of Opioid (and drug) use among teens is a promising sign that prevention efforts are working. Between 2013 and 2018, Vicodin® use fell by 58% among 8th graders, 75% among 10th graders, and 67% among 12th graders. Moreover, teens are also reporting that prescription Opioids are … Continued


International Women’s Day: Removing Gender Stigma and Improving Access to Treatment

International Women’s Day: How Opioid Addiction Disproportionately Affects Women and Mothers International Women’s Day, celebrated March 8 around the world, is an opportunity to further educate and empower women, as well as discuss topics that disproportionately affect them. The stigma of Opioid addiction, prescription drug misuse, and fatal overdose all affect women differently than men, … Continued