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Purdue Pharma To Plead Guilty To Opioid Criminal Charges

Purdue Pharma Agrees To Plead Guilty To 3 Opioid Criminal Charges On October 21, 2020, the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma agreed to plead guilty to 3 federal criminal charges. According to experts, the company helped drive the Opioid epidemic which led to the death of more than 470,000 people since 2000. The new $8.3 billion … Continued


Police Warn Residents About Fatal Batch of “Gray Death” In Southern Louisiana

Gray Death Strikes A Louisiana Community In early February, the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office began to warn residents about a dangerous drug that police officers have encountered during several arrests. The substance, “Gray Death,” is so potent that merely touching it can be lethal. While the police in Georgia, Ohio, Alabama, Florida, and Pennsylvania … Continued


Study Finds Heroin Use Has Increased Drastically in America

The Skyrocketing Toll of Heroin Use On February 11, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that the incidence of Heroin use in the United States increased by an average of 7% each year from 2002 to 2016. Then, from 2016 to 2018, the incidence of Heroin use declined … Continued

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Recovery, Daily Routine, and the Power of Intentionality

After Addiction Comes a Vacuum For many of us, the final stages of our addictive behavior found us unable to incorporate any real structure into our daily lives. Very little about our lifestyle and relationships resembled living intentionally or with any real feeling of ownership or empowerment. Substances and compulsive behaviors drove our bus for … Continued

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Personal Motivations in Recovery

External and Internal Motivations for Treatment Many people enter treatment for co-occurring disorders with motivations from external pressure. A person might experience pressure to start treatment from the legal system, significant others, family, friends, employers, housing authorities, child protective services, and doctors. In other words, there is usually the handprint on someone’s back pushing a … Continued

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Changing Behaviors

Change Is Inevitable, but Positive Behavior Change Takes Work Change is rarely something a person does willingly. It’s human nature that doing things in a certain way becomes comfortable. A person tends to choose familiar over the unfamiliar and the known over the unknown. Even when a person is doing things that aren’t healthy, those … Continued