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Family Behind OxyContin Accused of Engineering Opioid Crisis

Massachusetts Targets The Family Behind OxyContin Massachusetts attorney general, Maura Healy, is targeting eight members of the Sackler family and their company Purdue Pharma in an upcoming lawsuit, as she claims that they are “personally responsible” for inciting the nation’s Opioid Crisis. The Sacklers and other members of Purdue Pharma have been accused of profiting … Continued


Authorities Alarmed by Wave of Fentanyl Overdoses in California

The Number of Fentanyl Overdoses in California Is Growing The continuous growth of the Opioid Epidemic in America has been fueled by the spread of Fentanyl, a synthetic Opioid that is mostly imported from China and is now causing a growing number of Fentanyl overdoses in California. While the exact structure of Fentanyl can vary … Continued


Pet Prescriptions And The Opioid Epidemic: Are The Two Connected?

The Link Between Pet Prescriptions and the Opioid Epidemic Recent studies have noticed an increase in pet opioid prescriptions. A Penn Medicine and Penn Vet study found a spike in the number of pet opioid abuse, but not pet hospital visits. The study highlights that there was a 41% spike in pet opioid prescriptions between … Continued


Opioids Now Deadlier Than Cars In The U.S.

Opioid Overdose Is Now Deadlier Than Cars In The U.S. Is a prescription from your doctor more dangerous than driving to work? A recent report on mortality data from the National Safety Council has been interpreted by many to mean that Opioids are now deadlier than cars. As of 2017, more Americans are dying from … Continued


An Overview of the Opioid Epidemic

America’s Opioid Epidemic America is in the grip of an Opioid Epidemic. On average, 115 women and men die each day from Opioid overdose. In 2017, doctors in the U.S. wrote 191 million Opioid prescriptions for patients. Approximately 66% of drug-related deaths in 2016 were from an Opioid. 197,000 Americans overdosed from prescription Opioids between … Continued