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Pharmaceutical Company Studies Doctors to Better Market Opioids

U.K. Doctor Learns of Pharmaceutical Company’s Sinister Study Pain specialist Dr. Cathy Stannard can recall the glamorous promise of being filmed as she traveled from the U.K. to New York. Stannard and her group indulged in dining at luxurious “smart hotels” and attended Broadway shows, all sponsored by a pharmaceutical company for pain management education. Napp … Continued


American Pain Society Considers Filing for Bankruptcy

The American Pain Society’s Alleged Role in the Opioid Epidemic As the first Opioid trial began in Oklahoma two weeks ago, it’s been front-page news that the manufacturers of Opioid painkillers such as Teva Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson are being held responsible by state governments for inciting the nationwide Opioid Crisis. However, what many people … Continued


Teva Pharmaceuticals Reach $85 Million Settlement in OK Opioid Lawsuit

Settling the Oklahoma Opioid Lawsuit Last week, Teva Pharmaceuticals agreed to pay an $85 million settlement with the state of Oklahoma – just days before the company was set to go to trial over allegations the company helped fuel the U.S. Opioid epidemic. Teva was cited by Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter as creating a … Continued


Access to Naloxone & Reducing Stigma Vital to Saving Lives

Study Shows Naloxone Availability Vital to Saving Lives In the nation’s capital, emergency room visits involving a suspected Heroin overdose fell by 67.5% between 2017 and 2018. Alongside the District of Columbia, ten states (a majority on the eastern half of the US) saw declines in their Heroin-related ER visits. These encouraging numbers come as … Continued


‘Opioid Alternative’ Herbal Drug, Kratom, a Cause of 91 Overdose Deaths

CDC Links Kratom to At Least 91 Fatal Overdoses A recent report on state overdose data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that Kratom was a cause of death in at least 91 overdoses between 2016 and 2017. A total of 152 of the overdose victims tested positive for Kratom at … Continued


Research Shows ‘Safer’ Opioid Tramadol More Likely to Cause Addiction

Mayo Clinic Investigates: Is Tramadol Safe? According to new research performed by Mayo Clinic, the historically “safer” synthetic Opioid Tramadol poses the same high risk for prolonged use, just like any of the other most common prescription Opioid medications. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) currently classifies Tramadol as a Schedule IV drug, which means it’s considered … Continued


How Are Opioids and Sleep Disorders Related?

Can Opioid Addiction Negatively Affect Sleep Habits? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), individuals that have a Substance Use Disorder are 5 to 10 times more likely to also have a co-morbid sleep disorder. Long-term substance abuse physically changes the brain’s sleep architecture, disrupting both sleep patterns and quality. This causes people … Continued


Doctors, Nurses Caught Stealing Prescription Opioids

Fentanyl and OxyContin Fuel Demand for Stolen Prescriptions As huge corporations continue to face legal repercussions in federal court for their role in the Opioid Crisis, doctors and nurses are being punished in criminal courts for stealing prescription Opioids. In another instance of medical malpractice, 19 patients were infected by medical technician Kristen Parker after … Continued


Current Opioid Lawsuits Miss the Real Problem in America’s Addiction Crisis

The Root of the Problem That Current Opioid Lawsuits Missed On Thursday, May 2, five defendants from the Insys Therapeutics pharmaceutics company were found guilty of racketeering in Boston. The federal jury returned its verdict 15 days after deliberation began, but eventually convicted founder John Kapoor as well as four co-defendants from Insys. US attorney … Continued