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Changing Behaviors

Change Is Inevitable, but Positive Behavior Change Takes Work Change is rarely something a person does willingly. It’s human nature that doing things in a certain way becomes comfortable. A person tends to choose familiar over the unfamiliar and the known over the unknown. Even when a person is doing things that aren’t healthy, those … Continued


Casa Mia Recovery Program Keeps Addicted Moms and Babies Together in Texas

Recovery House Helps Addicted Moms and Newborns Heal The heartbreak of babies suffering Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome while their mothers battle Opioid addiction is a growing concern. Infants born with Opioids in their system and expectant mothers who abuse Opioids create a cycle of separation and frustration for moms. Mothers feel guilt of exposing their children … Continued


How Mindfulness Can Encourage Recovery From Addiction

Why Does Mindfulness Matter When Treating Addiction? Mindfulness is a powerful word denoting wellbeing and stress management. Mindfulness can aid in reducing stress and feelings of anxiety that can serve as reinforcements of chemical dependencies and addiction. ‘Very Well Mind’ notes mindfulness is “the practice of becoming more fully aware of the present moment—non-judgmentally and … Continued


New App Tracks and Helps Manage Opioid Dependency

App Tracks Buprenorphine Doses to Manage Opioid Withdrawal The Opioid Epidemic remains a common concern for Americans for several reasons. The first: more than 115 Americans die of an Opioid-related overdose per day. A second, ongoing concern is the role pharmaceutical drugs still play in the Opioid crisis. Many of the individuals suffering from Opioid addiction have … Continued


International Women’s Day: Removing Gender Stigma and Improving Access to Treatment

International Women’s Day: How Opioid Addiction Disproportionately Affects Women and Mothers International Women’s Day, celebrated March 8 around the world, is an opportunity to further educate and empower women, as well as discuss topics that disproportionately affect them. The stigma of Opioid addiction, prescription drug misuse, and fatal overdose all affect women differently than men, … Continued


Insurance Companies Making It Harder to Treat Opioid Addiction

Insurance Companies Make It Harder to Treat Opioid Addiction Although it seems that the public has become more aware of the dangers and addictive nature of Opioid medications, there have been few regulations by insurance companies to aid in the fight against Opioid addiction. A study conducted by clinician-scientists at Oregon Health & Science University … Continued


Opioid-Reversal Medication Now Prescribed with Opioid Pain Relievers in 7 States

Opioid-Reversal Drug, Naloxone, to Be Co-Prescribed Alongside Opioid Medications Seven states have passed legislation that requires physicians to prescribe the Opioid-reversal drug, Naloxone, along with an Opioid prescription. Each state has its own codes and regulations for when Narcan or Naloxone should be prescribed. While some are strict and adhere to a list of guidelines, others … Continued