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Opioid-Reversal Medication Now Prescribed with Opioid Pain Relievers in 7 States

Opioid-Reversal Drug, Naloxone, to Be Co-Prescribed Alongside Opioid Medications Seven states have passed legislation that requires physicians to prescribe the Opioid-reversal drug, Naloxone, along with an Opioid prescription. Each state has its own codes and regulations for when Narcan or Naloxone should be prescribed. While some are strict and adhere to a list of guidelines, others … Continued


Teen Athlete Opioid Abuse and Addiction

The Link Between Teen Athletes and Opioid Abuse and Addiction Every year, millions of American teenagers partake in high school sports and become injured throughout the course of a season. As athletic participation and injury among the nation’s youth continues to increase, the number of emergency room visits, surgeries, and prescriptions for Opioid medications do … Continued


What Is Doctor Shopping?

Opioid Questions: What Is Doctor Shopping? Doctor shopping is a major phenomenon affecting patients and doctors in the United States. Patients seek multiple medications from visiting different doctors and having prescriptions filled. To add to this, patients do not tell their doctors of previous doctor visits, or what medications they have been using for the … Continued


An Overview of the Opioid Epidemic

America’s Opioid Epidemic America is in the grip of an Opioid Epidemic. On average, 115 women and men die each day from Opioid overdose. In 2017, doctors in the U.S. wrote 191 million Opioid prescriptions for patients. Approximately 66% of drug-related deaths in 2016 were from an Opioid. 197,000 Americans overdosed from prescription Opioids between … Continued