West Coast Treatment Center is a luxury rehab center that offers private and premier drug and alcohol detox, residential inpatient, and outpatient treatment program in Lake Elsinore, California. We provide the latest evidence-based and comprehensive treatment plans that are designed to cater to high-profile individuals, executives, and anyone struggling with mental health conditions and chemical dependency concerns. West Coast Treatment Center is a dedicated team that bring extensive experience in treating both dual diagnosis conditions and addiction. Our staff specializes in customizing treatment plans for each and every one of our clients that will meet their unique and specific needs.

Each client experiences the full spectrum of medical and psychiatric evaluations to create the most effective treatment plan possible. During your time at West Coast Treatment Center, our treatment team will monitor and work with each client to review progress, update treatment planning, and set new recovery goals. Unlike other rehabilitation programs, West Coast Treatment Center offers individualized treatment that assists clients in maintaining their connections to the home and office, all while receiving the best care possible. The primary goal of West Coast Treatment Center is to help clients become a better, stronger, more proactive version of themselves who is equipped with the recovery tools and skills to carve out a new, healthy sober lifestyle.

Author: Recovery Worldwide – Last Edited: April 14, 2020